Shopping for Twitter management tools? Our survey of society administrators all over the globe returned seven universal features you must look for.

With a gazillion Twitter management tools out there, how do you find the excellent coincide for you and your business? As a social media manager, you don’t have time to try out each one you to be informed about! But spending day exercising a suboptimal implement can 😛 TAGEND

Slow you down Create miscommunication within your team Obstruct your workflow Cause you to lose contributes and patrons Make you more inefficient than before

So, whether you work for an agency or a small business, you can increase efficiency, rationalize your workflow, and improve teamwork with a single social media administration platform.

Look for a Twitter management tool that can handle these seven all-important exercises 😛 TAGEND

Schedule tweets in advance Create content approval workflows Respond to mentions, replies, and DMs Assign responses to team representatives Build relationships with admirers Find and participate important communications Track and improve performance

1. Schedule tweets in advance

Even if your firebrand makes a point of posting some tweets in real-time, you can schedule numerous tweets ahead of time.

While virtually every social media app makes you planned single posts in advance, you can get even more out of a Twitter management tool with alternatives like 😛 TAGEND Amount publishing

Why upload one post at a time when you could schedule dozens of posts at once? Bulk publishing can save you tons of duration, specially if you have a full schedule of Twitter content to schedule.

Publishing queues

Although you might want to publish time-sensitive berths on a defined planned, you are able to not have to be so specific about scheduling evergreen content.

Instead, you can set up queues that publish the next upright in line at a predefined age every day or week.

Material labels

When you want to keep track of the type of content you’re publishing, labels can be lifesavers. Define a give of descriptions in your Twitter dashboard, and then apply them to relevant announces as you planned them.schedule tweets in advance with twitter management tools

2. Create material approbation workflows

Work with bureau patrons or corporate collaborators? Either way, you probably don’t plan or initiate Twitter content independently. Instead, it’s a team effort that requires input and approving before material starts live.

If you bounce the favor process, you have been able run into serious issues like 😛 TAGEND

Your company’s brand-new social media intern might publish off-brand content that embarrass or alienates your audience. Variou social media directors might unknowingly planned participating material for the same brand. Your social media scheduler might write a questionable post that demises up stimulating an easily avoidable PR crisis.

content approval with twitter management tools

To make sure you prioritize the right expeditions, maintain on-brand messaging, and evaded social media crisis, there is a requirement a Twitter management tool that works with your team’s approving process.

Seek out a tool that enables you assign sketch berths to your sell administrator, CMO, or the other responsible defendant, so the claim being approves all your material before it leads live.

approval process for content with twitter management tools

In some occurrences, your patrons may not need to approve every upright you create.

Instead, they might prefer having access to a schedule that pictures all their upcoming announces. Look for a tool that furnishes shared dockets so you can maintain consumers in the loop without having to do additional work.find out why teams love managing their social with agorapulse, an all-in-one social media management tool.

3. Respond to mentions, replies, and DMs

If you run a hectic Twitter account, one of your biggest challenges is bound to be the magnitude of tweets that you have to manage. It’s all too easy to get lost in the ever-growing noise of your Twitter feeds.

To simplify your participation programme, there is a requirement a handy room to handle mentions, replies, mentions, and DMs. Look for a Twitter tool that lets you monitor and respond to all types of engagement in a single inbox.

To streamline your Twitter engagement strategy even more, make sure the social media dashboard you choose allows you to reply as quickly as possible. The most effective implements let you save standard replies, so you can respond to frequently affixed mentions or commonly asked questions with just a sound or two.

replying to comments and DMs on with twitter management tools

Your Twitter dashboard gets bonus phases if it also has automated inbox features.

When you can program your Twitter inbox to automatically archive particular generic replies or bookmark important words for future follow-up, you can reach inbox zero even more quickly.

4. Assign responses to squad members

No matter the size of your social media crew, there’s a good chance that a very limited number of beings are responsible for handling daily commitment. You may be able to respond( without your eyes closed !) to common questions.

But what happens when partisans request information that requires research or someone else’s input?

Sure, you can shoot off an email to a peer or send a message to your team’s chat app. But once you make the task out of your Twitter inbox, things can get complicated. You have to flag the content for follow-up and wait for a response from your colleague. Once they reply, you have to remember which DM you were talking about in the first place and find it in your inbox.

assigning replies via with twitter management tools

Rather than involving your workflow, your Twitter management tool can help you terminated more challenging solicits efficiently — without leaving the app.

Look for a implement that lets you 😛 TAGEND

Automatically assign DMs and mentions to team representatives based on keywords. For example, you might want to send pricing questions right to your marketings team to save time. Manually assign inbox entries to team members as necessary. For example, you might want to run mentions from verified users past your CMO.

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5. Build relationships with admirers

Engaging with adherents on Twitter is a must, but improving liaisons can be time-consuming. The process can easily become clunky, specially if you don’t have a simple way to keep track of your efforts.

What if you have been able devote less term on commitment with better upshots?

To get to know your partisans, there is a requirement a dashboard with a built-in social media patron liaison conduct( CRM) implement. With a social CRM, you can :

Track every interaction you’ve had with a Twitter user in a single location. So you can quickly see how many times they’ve mentioned, retweeted, or messaged you–effectively giving you a snapshot of your relationship history. Relate usage labels to useds. You then can filter customers who may be divided into groups like top fans, potential patrons, trouble useds, or manufacture figures–allowing you to prioritize certain relationships. Include memoranda about consumers that simply your internal unit can be found in. Make sure everyone on your team knows where you stand with your most important adherents.

the need for labels with twitter management tools

6. Find and connect important exchanges

Growing relationships with followers is a critical task for every company. But it’s important to realize that not every Twitter thread about your business or manufacture will show up in your mentions.

After all, Twitter users who aren’t yet loyal supporters might not think to@ you when we speak of your brand–and upset customers might actively try not to mention your symbol in an attempt to cover their tracks.

If you fail to monitor these discussions, your business could 😛 TAGEND

Lose purchasers with unresolved disorders Fail to connect with potential patrons influenced by upset consumers Miss a chance to gain valuable feedback on your product or services

To make sure you never miss an important conversation, you need a Twitter management tool with built-in social listening aspects. When you take advantage of social listening, you can set up automated Twitter pursuings that let you impede an ear out for keywords. Look for a tool that can 😛 TAGEND

Listen for brand mentions without an @– including numerous spellings and abbreviations. Research for tweets that peculiarity your branded hashtags so you never miss a shoutout. Filter industry-specific hashtags so you can stay on top of smashing word. Monitor other brands’ mentions and hashtags to keep an eye on the race. Automatically blame customer service issues, industry threads, or opponent intel to team members for follow-up.

social listening for twitter

7. Track and improve performance

You can find tons of reporting on notions and date by accessing Twitter’s native analytics. But this data isn’t easy to plug into reports, and it doesn’t always indicate the metrics that matter to your team.

Fortunately, some third-party tools are designed to help you monitor your progress and optimize your performance.

You need a Twitter dashboard that are in a position 😛 TAGEND

Provide audience, date, and firebrand awareness analytics instantly–and allow you to export your results to a report that you can share with patients, colleagues, and other stakeholders. Give insight into your followers’ activity, so you know the best occasions to post for peak participation. Share a peek of your brand awareness score and assess, at a glance, how well your brand is performing on Twitter.

brand awareness score of twitter engagement


When you want to use Twitter to grow your symbol, you need an app that can do it all. Choose a Twitter management tool that can handle everything from scheduling Tweets to optimizing rendition so you can get as much as possible out of this social media platform.

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