You’ve heard about Facebook Creator Studio and now wonder why you should pay for a third-party social media management tool. We’ve got answers( and more) to that question.

If you succeed a number of Facebook pages, and they toy a big part in your social media strategy, you’ve heard of Facebook Creator Studio. This relatively new tool from Facebook volunteers the ability to manage posts and themes on all your Facebook pages in one handy location. You can even connect your Instagram accountings, too.

I’m sure formerly “youre coming” across Facebook Creator Studio, you wondered,” Why should I paying off a third-party social media management tool ?”

That’s a good question. Maybe Facebook Creator Studio will convene all your social media marketing needs, but it’s more likely missing key features that you use regularly.

We here in the Agorapulse Support Team have investigated what’s being offered in the Facebook Creator Studio. Read on to see the key advantages that a social media management tool like Agorapulse has to offer over Facebook Creator Studio.

What Is Facebook Creator Studio and What Can It Do?

Facebook Creator Studio seems to be Facebook’s answer to a social media management tool if all you want to do is manage your Facebook pages and Instagram details. It allows you to add some or all of your pages, so you can schedule berths, succeed your themes/ observes, and thought some metrics on your activity.

Page roles

Anyone who controls a Page can use Creator Studio, although your Page role determines the specific information you consider and specific actions you can take.

You going to be all right the sheet personas for your team from within the Creator Studio.

Content library

Facebook Creator Studio has a section called the content library. However, it is not storing media for last-minute help( as the list seems to suggest ).

Instead, it looks a lot like the Publishing Lists section in Agorapulse–showing you announces scheduled or already published.

For example, the content library in Creator Studio has an Upload Videos button, but as soon as you upload the video, you have to choose where and when to post it.

When you click on the posts in the content library, you can repost them by changing the appointment, but this is not a lot different from what Agorapulse offers with duplicating affixes with the clink of a button.

There is no storage of photos and videos for later give that I can see.

content library posts


The only Insights offered by Creator Studio are for video affixes. Though one of the Facebook pages we tested with only had photo affixes , no Revelations can exist. Once we uploaded a video, we were able to see some Insights.

If you click on a pole in the content library region of Creator Studio, you can view some Insights information on a affix.( However, that is the same information that you currently get on the Facebook dashboard for your page .)

When looking for more information in the Insights section of Creator Studio, it will exclusively show you message related to video posts.

You can choose a custom-made appointment for your Penetrations in Creator Studio, but merely for your Facebook pages , not for your Instagram notes. You can contemplate the Insights per Facebook page, but it is not possible to export the Insights for either Facebook or Instagram.

Is video king?

Looking at the Creator Studio for Facebook pages, a strong emphasis is on videos and video posts.

Even when propelling, Facebook stated it just wanted to make Creator Studio easier for makes to manage their video material.

Though you can use Creator Studio to affix an portrait, tie-in, or text affixes, there is a large Upload Video button on the Home page and Content Library page. There’s even a Go Live button on the Home page to enable you to do Facebook Live across one or all of your sheets from within the Creator Studio.

The Insights focus on the commitment and panoramas of your video berths merely. It shows you the number of one-minute or three-second vistums of your videos in a given time period, but it does not show the participation on non-video posts.

You can see metrics yielded on the number of adherents of your page but, for example, the retention metric focuses again on how long parties watched videos for, rather than reiterated pay a visit to your sheet or other posts.

This shows that, at least within the Creator Studio, Facebook proportions video announces as most important, or more useful to marketing than other berth sorts. Perhaps Facebook sees that videos are the best way to maximize your label awareness. But it does show a very narrow view of the activity on the average Facebook page–where Facebook jobs are not always affixing videos, but want to engage with the customers in other ways.

manage your facebook pages with free social media management tool trial

Instagram features

Right now, Creator Studio has more peculiarities available for Facebook pages than for Instagram histories. Maybe this will change in the future, but this is not clear.

One of the main restraints in Creator Studio for Instagram is that you can only create affixes for your feed or for IGTV. It’s not possible to publish story berths. The content library area for Instagram will show you all your announces( carousels, stories, videos as well as IGTV ), but some uprights will need to be created in the Instagram portable app.

As with Facebook, the content library for Instagram will show you past or scheduled poles. It is not a medium for store epitomes and videos for affixing at a later date.

The Insights section will show your Interactions, Reach and Thoughts; there’s even a slouse demonstrating your gathering demographics.

Unfortunately, though, you can’t customize the year array. Your Instagram Insights will be for the last seven days, and that can’t be changed. Just like for Facebook, this report can’t be exported.

facebook creator studio content library

Should You Choose Agorapulse or Facebook Creator Studio?

Facebook Creator Studio is a good alternative for small and medium-sized companies that simply have Facebook and Instagram sketches to manage. However, if your social media strategy includes more than precisely Facebook and Instagram, or if you have high-volume Facebook and Instagram profiles then maybe you need to pause before making a final decision.

Consider some of the limitations highlighted in the likenes plot that follow this section.

Managing remarks on several active profiles

Managing Facebook and Instagram observations on variou active profiles is difficult in Creator Studio. The behavior the inbox works in Creator Studio is awkward. It evidences all affixes, and you need to select the berth to goal specific comments. That does not offer an improvement really over examining announces natively. If you have a high volume of comments on your page, that becomes very cumbersome.

You can manage comments and direct messages for both Facebook pages and Instagram reports, but there are two separate inboxes for comments and DMs.

Again, if you have high volumes of comments and DMs, swapping among inboxes for several notes is not ideal.

In Agorapulse, the inbox for your Facebook page contains all observes, re-examines, and direct sends together. Good-for-nothing useles is included in the inbox, just the actions from your supporters that you need to manage.

You don’t need to switch between numerou inboxes on one Facebook page.

Agorapulse allows you to label your speeches for easy follow-up. So, you can track the specific topics your devotees want to talk about. This method, you can really get a handle on what’s important to your fans.

Managing ad observes

To get decent reach on your Facebook uprights, you need to invest in Facebook advertising. And with ads come ad criticisms( good observes, bad explains, and spammy/ baffling explains ).

For Facebook customers with an ad account( or multiple ad details ), organizing observations on your ads is not possible in Creator Studio.

Agorapulse will let you manage ad commentaries easily. Once an ad account is connected to your Facebook page, Agorapulse will sync the comments on those as posts into your Inbox, where you can easily reply and way the feedback from your patrons. Then you won’t miss any comments on your unpublished pitch-dark posts.

You can also analyze the performance of your Facebook Ads with Agorapulse’s free AdsReports tool.

Publishing to multiple sketches simultaneously

Facebook Creator Studio doesn’t offer the ability to publish to multiple charts at the same time. Many customers find this feature one of the main benefits of using a social media management tool.

Agorapulse let you publish to multiple social sketches at a time. You can easily customize the contents of your pole for each social network you are sending it to. So, you can easily reduce the character count on a Twitter post but keep the same connects and images that will likewise be posted to Facebook and Instagram.

There’s even more than that … When scheduling berths, Agorapulse causes you defined echoed publishing eras for your post. Do you have evergreen content? You can use the Agorapulse queue feature to add posts and have them republish regularly on situated periods and durations. You can even pause and restart a queue to suit the changing nature of your post policy. All that gives you more flexibility!

Publishing Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become very popular and numerous users include a number of tales a day in the tactical posting.

With Creator Studios, it is not possible to publish a story.

Agorapulse allows the ability to create a story post on the desktop. As with any other ” API-abiding third-party tool ,” the Story post will need to be completed through a mobile app, but the possibility to create a story post on the desktop only exists in third-party tools.

Demand to Manage Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube

Creator Studio offers countless features for Facebook and Instagram … but if your social media conduct includes Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, you will need to use a different tool.

Agorapulse allows you to manage all those social media sketches as well as Facebook pages and Instagram chronicles in one place. So with one login, you can stay participated with your devotees across several platforms.

Getting reports and statistics

Facebook reporting and statistics are important to everyone .

We all want to know how our uprights are performing and compare our booking from week to week( or month to month ). The options for reporting are very limited in Creator Studio, with limited data and no ability to export the reports.

Agorapulse accommodates reports data on all types of uprights for Facebook and Instagram, including action, reach, impressions, and so much better. You can choose a patronage time reach for your report then export it as a PowerPoint presentation, which you can edit to suit your needs. You can also get per-post metrics and Instagram Story metrics via CSV.

For those who like to benchmark their conduct against other firebrands, Agorapulse also offers a competitors’ report. This is also available on the Facebook Insights dashboard but not available in the Creator Studio. This is not very convenient, giving you more homes to check for your relevant information.

It’s important to be able to track topics both in your published parts but also in the types of sends you receive from your purchasers. Agorapulse allows you to label posts and sends from consumers and then includes metrics in review reports about the most used labels.

Receiving world-class customer support

The final gap( and we happen to think it’s a big one) is the customer support. And am I biased? Gosh , no!

Creator Studio doesn’t have dedicated support to help you if things go wrong or if you just have some questions.

Here on the Agorapulse Customer Support team, we pride ourselves on devoting efficient and high-quality support to all our users. It matters to us that our customers have a good experience with our tool and that they get the benefit of all that Agorapulse has to offer.

Facebook Creator Studio vs. Agorapulse

When we compare the Facebook Creator Studio to a full-service tool like Agorapuse, some differences stand out. This counter shows how the two compare 😛 TAGEND

In Conclusion

Facebook Creator Studio is perfect for small businesses that only have a social media attendance on Facebook and Instagram. If you have a couple of Facebook pages and Instagram accounts then you will find Facebook Creator Studio helpful. It will serve your needs pretty well and has only one beautiful price for brand-new enterprises starting out.

However, if you require greater flexibility when engaging with your clients; if you organize more than a handful of social media accounts across numerou pulpits; and if you miss statistics reported under all your sketches, Creator Studio is not going to meet your needs. This flexible and range of features come from a full-service social media management tool.


Get started on saving experience and exertion on your own social media management! Check out our free test of Agorapulse to assist you planned, road, and evaluate all your social media tries.

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