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We’ve officially exhausted the Moz API for Google Sheetsand want to give you on a immediate peculiarity tour.

This Google Sheets add-on allows users to gather Moz URL metrics easily without applying system directly in a Google Sheet and requires a few extra functions to help you manipulate data.

In the past, if you required tie-in metrics for the thousands of URLs, you either had to enter them manually one at a time, or you needed technical expertise to use the LinkScape API. So, I built this free Google Sheets add-on, and now you can pluck tie-in metrics for those URLs in seconds , no coding required.

Here are a few use instances for the Moz API for Expanse add-on 😛 TAGEND Get Moz Spam Score in metric to assist toxic link analysis( paid plan involved ). Get domain authority and page power in majority to assist you assess the quality of places for connection outreach, domain valuation, and more( available with free and paid projects ). Use built-in custom formulas to parse URLs, save URLs to the Wayback Archive, etc ., all without having to write involved nested formulae or use regular formulations.

Here’s what you can expect as production from the add-on 😛 TAGEND

The only thing you’ll need to get started is a Google account and Mozscape API credentials( a free proposal is available ).

Important restrictions: The free program will allow the collection of domain authority and sheet jurisdiction for 200 URLs at a time, at a rate of 10 URLs per 10 seconds.The paid propose will permit all metrics for 10,000 URLs at a time with no frequency restraint.

Once you have the add-on set, you’ll need to enter your Mozscape API credentials to activate the tool. From there, simply select your metrics and include in your URLs to get the report working.

The formulas tab

There are a few helpful tradition formulae that come with the add-on. Simply click on the “formulas” tab at the bottom of the add-on to see them. As you type any of these formulas, a assistant record will pop up to guide you.

For example, use the =P ARSE_URL formula to quickly parse URLs into the root, itinerary, fasten, and more without having to write novel-length formulae or recollect difficult regular expressions.

Stuck? Click on the “help” tab to expose additional information.

That’s it! We hope that members enjoy the add-on and we welcome your feedback.

P.S. A big thank you to Britney Muller and Cyrus Shepard for giving me the opportunity to build the add-on and being incredibly patient/ helpful during the process.

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