Want to intention a virtual meridian but is concerned at the stress and time involved? These tips can help you plan without losing your mind … and help you gain thousands of leads.

I never used only to get the appeal of webinars.

Personally, I prefer to read rather than watch content, so I wasn’t convinced that a webinar was the most effective means of engender leads.

As a self-proclaimed content marketing practitioner, I have my preferred choice: to create important e-books and offer them as registered downloads through blog posts and pop-up biddings. And that works! I get a nice stream of brand-new customers each and every day with little to no attempt on my part.

But then in late 2018, it was determined that I would result a series of webinars as part of my goals for Agorapulse and our influencer market efforts.

I’d participated in other people’s webinars before but “ve never” proposed and executed one of my own. We were working a stage announced Livestorm.co at the time which was great for individual live video webinars, so I expended that to set up my first summit.

It. Was. Awesome.

The quality of content and the number of registrants we assembled surpassed all expectations.

A couple of potential talkers couldn’t participate during that first summit live, so we planned one-off webinars with them in early 2019. Those didn’t perform as well. But about six months later, I guided a new meeting, and it, extremely, was amazing! So two months after that, I extended it again and, again, the results astounded.

Oh, sorry, hi! In case we haven’t met, I’m Mike Allton. I’m the firebrand clergyman now at Agorapulse, which fixes me is accountable for our influencer the reports and overall label awareness. A large-hearted part of my character here is to manage the activities and marketing initiatives of our ambassadors–all of the large social media marketing influencers who love our tool and enjoy are concerned with us to promote it. With their assistance, I put together these massive virtual conferences on an motley of sell topics.

The Social Success Summit 2.0 has accrued over two thousand registrants at the time of this writing. So, I’m was just going to share with you today exactly how I make it happen.

Choose the best platform for your needs . Plan your virtual meridian content . Promote your virtual conference . Follow-up after your virtual meridian .

Choose the Best Platform for Your Needs

One of the mental blockers for me, first, was understanding the tech behind how a webinar or serials of webinars might work. I’ve been doing live video since Google+ Hangouts On Air. But, of course, with live social video, the broadcast is open to all. There’s no email enrollment or gate to go through.

My first summit was comprised of a series of stand-alone webinars run on Livestorm.co.

I set up a arrive page that listed each webinar, but because registration to each was separate, each discussion inventory had its own button linked to that session’s registration page. Overall, the summit was a huge success, but there were more than a few complaints about that enrollment process.

A short while last-minute, I was introduced to HeySummit, thanks to an AppSumo deal. HeySummit is a webinar platform designed for a virtual top. If you’re exclusively broadcasting one time, it’s not the freedom pulpit for you. But when I have a dozen or more professionals and shocking sessions, it’s fanciful!

For every time you are going to offer, you need to set up 😛 TAGEND

One or more categories A orator sketch A session deed and description

With HeySummit, you can use a live stream provider and hooking that content into the session, or tie in a pre-recorded video.

That alternative right there is what got me really excited.

For that first summit on Livestorm.co, in addition to running each seminar as a separate webinar, I also led them as live interviews and presentations. A total of 16, in fact.( If you’re ever asked to host 16 live programmes over three weeks, running around .)

Instead of going through the hassle of hosting a live river and gambling technical matter( which happened ), I could invite speakers to record their times and time send me the files.

HeySummit works with a variety of hosting options, but we have a Wistia account already and use that. It operates great. I would upload the video to our webinars folder and situated the video’s ID number( not the full URL) into the video puts for that period. HeySummit automatically streams the video on the session’s planned start date!

By the path, this was another bit of learning that I spotted after the third summit. When you schedule a time, HeySummit will stream that video starting at that exact time. On-demand replays aren’t accessible until after that first live flow has concluded.

I initially thought that if I set every session’s start time and time at the same time and used pre-recorded videos, they would all be available on demand instant. I did have some fun playing off the idea that all of the second and third summit’s hearings were fallen “Netflix-style” and that registrants could binge-watch nonetheless countless they required. But I reflect for the fourth meeting, it will be better to schedule the initial exposure of each presentation separately.

Beyond that, many other HeySummit pieces saved me an enormous amount of day 😛 TAGEND

Graphics and Copy

Many of the graphics and much of the copy was dynamically created and updated.

Every session you set up gets a rendered graphic with that session’s title and talker and speaker’s headshot, along with an updated number of periods. The home page informs automatically with the number of periods and categories. The central conferences and loudspeakers sheets are all revised as soon as you supplemented or remove a session.

Bonus prizes and giveaways

The platform gives you the option of offering some bonus prizes and giveaways, will display them on their own page, and will automatically pick random champions and refer notifications! You can also computed session-specific proposals that appear on that session’s page.


Just like all of the other parts of data you’re adding, testaments can be added through the dashboard independently and then automatically added to the home page.

Editing ease

Some 75% of the site’s text can be revised, either on the pages themselves or through the back-end “translations” area. For speciman, instead of “replays, ” I wanted to call that page “sessions” and only deepened the text accordingly.

Built-in e-commerce

The platform is designed for paid elevations, so e-commerce is built-in.

( That said, all our social media marketing meetings are free, so tickets are offered for $ 0. Because we’re running these to generate contributes, all the content and duplicate speaks to our target audience–social media busines owners and social media managers–and invite them to register at no cost .)

User registration

Finally, most everything that you might need in terms of user registration, reports, social sharing, and even email notifications are already provided.

So spend some time going through every inch of the site and say every email to make sure that everything is communicated accurately as you wish.

free trial of social media management tool agorapulse

Plan Your Virtual Summit Content

In regards to the sessions of your meeting, your happen will be different wildly from mine. Even if you’re in the marketing space and wish to offer similar discussions on material sell, Facebook Ads and so on, the speakers and presentations will still be different.

I can, however, rebut a number of questions you’ll have in this area.

Where Do I Find Speakers?

I have to admit being somewhat consecrated and over-prepared when acquiring speakers.( I have no shortage of friends and professional contacts who are more than eager and enormously qualified to deliver. In fact, thanks to my experience and past success with these kinds of collaborative projects, I’m often approached by collaborators asking to be invited to the next such initiative !)

All of which is based on relationships, which, like a tree, are best planted years ago. If you have not previously gave time in forming and fostering affairs in your industry, start today!

Look for opportunities to connect with and assisting the influencers and lecturers in your niche.

Those are the people to look to first when you want to collaborate on a project like a virtual summit.

Next, consider reaching out to speakers and professors in your niche that you don’t already have a relationship with, but would like to partner with them. It’s helpful at this stage if you’re able to demonstrate why this project will be a win-win. Will you share registrant items with all presenters? Do you have an advertising budget to ensure their exposure? Do you have a budget to pay orators?

Next, consider reaching out to professionals in your niche, those folks who aren’t speaking about the business so much as actually doing the business. Sometimes, these people are closest “to the ground” and have the best industry information.( But it’s likewise where you’re likely to find inexperienced presenters, so stop that in spirit .)

Finally, “ve been thinking about” what kinds of content you and your squad can create yourselves? In my Social Success Summit 2.0 I “ve brought” shows from our Social Media Lab scientist Scott Ayres, as well as our Social Media Manager Jennifer Watson, both of who delivered extremely valuable shows and excellent augments to the other 25 topics and speakers.

Do I Need a Theme?

You was not able to need an underlying topic across all discussions, but you obviously need to know who your target audience is and have a spectrum defined for your lists and topics.

In my speciman, my target audience is always social media agency proprietors and social media managers. So, I make sure that every speaker and topic I include–which are social media marketing related–will benefit them. And sometimes, it’s enormous to add something a little outside the norm, such as Stephanie Liu’s session,” Captivate on Command: How to Motivate the Masses With Only Your Words.”

From a marketing perspective, if you can come up with a topic that bind all your sessions together, that will certainly make it easier to talk about and promote the event.

What Should Virtual Summit Sessions Look Like?

Other than the first meeting which was 100% live video interrogations, I’ve since dedicated my talkers the capabilities of 😛 TAGEND

Being interviewed Recording themselves speaking, abusing slides, or screenshares A compounding of any of the above.

In my experience, some presenters live speaking( like an intro) and then voice over slips is the best approach. And as I referred to above, I promote important content like this be pre-recorded rather than broadcast live to prevent any issues from impacting cross-file viewers.

From the speaker’s perspective, this is also a far easier approaching. They can use apps like Quicktime or Ecamm to record themselves speak then share their presentation screen and keep talking through all of the slides. Because they’re now off-camera, it’s easy to stop and re-record a division or even go back and edit or record new voiceover segments.

If you don’t like what you just said or if you flubbed a word, stop for a lick so you have an easy chip, then say that section again before moving on to the next part of your presentation!

For my next top , not only am I going to require slides, I’m going to provide documentation for my presenters on how to record themselves with slithers and too give them a slide template they can use. This will ensure that all my seminars have a basic, consistent inspection and feel.

How Many Sessions Should I Host?

There are a few variables that will go into this decision.

First, if you’re paying speakers and have budget constraints, there’ll an immediate limited in how many talkers you can afford.

Second, if you plan to host your summit over a given timeframe( e.g ., two days) and planned all of your sessions to specified time limit, you’ll be limited in how many timeslots you have available.

I chose to drop all of the accessible periods at the exact same day and keep them available for four weeks, so there was no limitation on how many speakers I could bring in. In fact, with my second top, I earmarked a got a couple of new talkers invited to join the weekend before it went live. I would not recommend this though and will explain why in the next section.

Promote Your Virtual Summit

Once you’ve determined to do a summit, strategy the summit itself is only part of the project. Promotion of the summit–getting as many characterized eyeballs on your occasion as possible–is critical.

You’ll want to think about audience, aging, pricing, mixtures, segment and more. You need to take note of and leveraging every existing channel and market asset you currently have, as well as involve your speakers and influencers.


I mentioned above that HeySummit will automatically and dynamically generate speaker graphics for you. However, if you have any last-minute changes in talkers or topics, those graphics will all be updated accordingly and anywhere you’re using them will need to have replacements.

I recommend utilize Canva or Easil( or more advanced graphic design tools if “youve had” the science) to create a series of graphics for your event. You will, at a minimum, need the following address resources 😛 TAGEND

Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn Post — 1024 x 512 Instagram Post — 1,024 x 1,024 Facebook Story, Instagram Story, Pinterest — 1,080 x 1,920 Facebook Event — 1,920 x 1,080 Facebook Ad–1, 200 x 628

You may also need Facebook Page Cover graphics, YouTube thumbnails, blog post graphics, or even a Twitter Cover image. Consider every graphic you are going to require so that they are able to prepare as much in advance as possible.

You will also need to do some writing! And just as with likeness, consider these requirements in advance so you can plan accordingly.

Landing sheet emulate Blog post( s) Promotional emails Tweets and other social shares

While HeySummit allows you to create a library of promotional assets within the platform for orators to use, I encountered it more convenient to use one or more Google Docs and a Google Drive for shared enters and images.


At a minimum, you should begin talking about your summit on social media as soon as folks are able to register for it. You can even tantalize that it’s coming earlier than that if you wish.

And you should announce the summit to your email roster when enrollment opens and send at least one reminder merely prior to the event. Depending on how much hour you allot between the launch of registration and the day of the summit, you might send additional promotional emails.

Of course, each email can’t really be an ad for the summit … Think about storeys you can share, aspects of the summit you can highlight, or different benefits you might focus on for different emails.

If possible, share commendations! The HeySummit platform does allow and encourage attendees to leave observes on each conference so you’ll start to accrue feedback as soon as the summit starts. But what if your meridian hasn’t launched hitherto?

If you’re going with pre-recorded seminars, why not make some select audience representatives check out some of the sessions in advance and write commendations for you? Or sounds some influencers you are aware, as I did?

I queried friends and peers Jenn Herman, Amanda Robinson, and Jeff Sieh to check out what I’d set up for Social Success Summit 2.0, and they required some great testaments that I plugged into the site and home page!

“So much to learn from so many industry chairmen. And all for free ?!! This is a no-brainer! Agorapulse has access to many of the world’s best masters for online commerce and to have so many of them in one place as a means to learn and understand the most recent developments tendencies, tricks, and tools is invaluable. Don’t miss this summit! ”- Jenn Herman

“Agorapulse has brought together a powerhouse lineup of the top manufacture knack fetching you real strategies and current information to help your business thrive in a highly competitive digital landscape. And it is free! Take advantage of it while it is available.”- Amanda Robinson

“I’ve met and followed many of the speakers that Agorapulse has put together for this event. If you’re wanting to take your social media strategy to the next rank this is not to be missed! ”- Jeff Sieh

Paid Promotion

A virtual summit is actually a great vehicle for paid promotion, peculiarly if the summit is free to register and watch. The ads then don’t have to “sell” anything–just inform and invite targeted audience members to register for free.

While Google ads can be used, as well as targeted ads on Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, it’s likely that Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will be your most effective paths, depending on your target audience.

Facebook and Instagram traditionally render the most robust targeting alternatives. You can restriction your ads to specific geographic and demographic needs, as well as specifying interests and other audience details.

LinkedIn, while expensive, presents even better targeting IF your summit is business-related. With LinkedIn, you can target individuals by racket name or fellowship and that data is likely to be extremely accurate due to the nature of LinkedIn.

If you’re relatively new to Facebook Ads, start with this guide based on an interview we did with Amanda Robinson, The Digital Gal.

Follow-up After Your Virtual Summit

Finally, give consideration to how you’re going to end your virtual conference and follow-up with both registrants and attendees.

In our action, we have an amazing inbound specialist, Hannah, who makes the time to not only think through email strings and seasoning but likewise parses through the data.

For instance, when you enter, we ask attendees a few qualifying questions. While anyone can register for our free conference, our ultimate goal is to promote our social media management tool to interested potentials. Those preparing questions help us to determine who among the attendees may be most likely interested in Agorapulse. Such makes are scored manually and propagandized into a different cycle for follow-up and VIP demonstration invitations!

Attendees should absolutely receive an email after your event thanking them for attending and making them the next steps, whether that’s to learn more about your fellowship, agree, or speak some other materials.

And, by all means, thank your speakers.

If your talker agreement included precede sharing, then now is the time to export your registrant list and share that with your talkers. Note that your happen remains GDPR-compliant because the registration page clearly states that the registrant agrees to receive emails from the event, the patronize( s ), and potentially each participating speaker.

It is admonished, though, that when you or your speakers are ready to message attendees that they’re sent a patronage accosting and invitation to join your regular roster segment.

Twine Up

Lots of ways and means for presenting a virtual summit exist. You can do a series of Facebook Live videos, a collection of individual webinars, or a single occurrence with several conferences as I’ve outlined above.

There are also lots of reasons to hold a summit , not the least of which is lead generation. But you can also successfully use webinars and meetings to sell immediately, establish expert, or even time have fun! The tribes I got to get do times cherish what the fuck is do and affection talking about their favorite topic. These various kinds of hearings can perfectly be total geek-out sessions.

But whatever your reason and choice of stage, what I want to leave you with is this 😛 TAGEND

Webinars and Summits are an extremely effective means for reaching and educating a highly relevant and employed audience.

This isn’t simply interruptive advertising. When you create a virtual occasion of this kind and someone signeds up, you know they’re interested in the content you’re offering and that should tell you a lot about that individual.

Feel free to check out the Social Success Summit and is important to note and inspiration from how we position things up. Then improve and accommodate it and make it your own.


Get started on saving season and force on your social media conduct! Check out our free ordeal of Agorapulse to assist you schedule, line, and quantity all your social media exertions.

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