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SEO has become more important than ever, but it isn’t all meta labels and material. A big one of the purposes of the success you’ll see is tied up in the inevitable business discussions. In this helpful Whiteboard Friday from August of 2018, our citizen expert Britney Muller feet us through a bevy of smart tips and considerations that will strengthen your SEO negotiation knowledge, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the practice.

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Video Transcription

Hey, Moz supporters. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. So today we are going over all things SEO negotiation, so starting to get into some of the business side of SEO. As most of you know, negotiation is all about leverage.

It’s what you have to offer and what the other side is looking to gain and leveraging that throughout the process. So something that you can go in and confidently talk about as SEOs is the fact that SEO has around 20 X more opening than both portable and desktop PPC combined.

This is a really, really big deal. It’s something that you can showcase. These are the stats to back it up. We will also link to the research to this down below. Good to kind of have that in your back pocket. Aside from this, you will obviously have your audit. So possible patient, you’re looking to get this deal.

Do the most out of the SEO audit

Highlight the possibilities of , not the screw-ups

You’re going to do an scrutiny, and something that I have always advocated is that instead of highlighting the things that the potential client is doing wrong, or screwed up, is to really foreground those opportunities. Start to get them stimulated about what it is that their site is capable of and that you could help them with. I is of the view that sheds a really positive light-headed and moves you in the right direction.

Explain their competitive edge

I think this is really interesting in numerous cavities where you can sort of say, “Okay, your opponents are here, and you’re currently here and this is why, “and to show them proof. That spawns them feel as though you have a strong understanding of the landscape and can sort of assisted them get there.

Emphasize speedy triumphs

I nearly didn’t kept this in here because I speculate speedy prevails is sort of a sketchy term. Basically, you really do want to showcase what it is you can do abruptly, but you want to…

Under-promise, over-deliver

You don’t want to lose trust or credibility with a possible consumer by overpromising something that you can’t deliver. Get off to the right start. Under-promise, over-deliver.

Smart arbitration tactics

Do your search

Know everything you can about this clientPerhaps what copes they’ve done in the past, what agencies they’ve worked with. You can get all sorts of information regarding that before going to get negotiation that will really help you.

Prioritize your calls

So all too often, beings go into a negotiation contemplating me, me, me, me, when really you too need to be thinking about, “Well, what am I willing to lose? What can I give up to reach a point that we can both agree on? ” Really important considered in as you go in.


This is a very old, funny mediation tactic where when the other side bars, you flinch. You do this like flinch, and you go, “Oh, is that the best you can do? ” It’s super silly. It might be used against you, in which case you can just say, “Nice flinch.” But it does tend to help you to be all right deals.

So take that with a grain of salt. But I looked forward to receiving your feedback down below. It’s so funny.

Use the words “fair” and “comfortable”

The oaths “fair” and “comfortable” do really well in negotiations. These terms are inarguable. You can’t reason with fair. “I want to do what is cozy for us both. I want us both to reach terms that are fair.”

You want to use these words to introduce the other side at ease and to also facilitate connection that divergence where you can come out with a win-win situation.

Never be the key policy makers

I see this all too often when people go off on their own, and instantly on their business cards and in their premier and email they’re the CEO.

They are this. You don’t have to be that, and you sort of lose leveraging when you are. When I owned my authority for six years, I enjoyed not being CEO. I liked having a board of directors that I could reach out to during trade negotiations and not being the sole policy makers. Even if you feel that you are the sole decision maker, I know that there are parties that care about you and that are looking out for your business that you could contact as sort of a business mentor, and you could use that in mediation. You can use that to help you. Something to think about.

Gratuity for mediation newbies

So for the newbies, a lot of you are probably like, “I can never go on my own. I can never do these things.” I’m from northern Minnesota. I have been super awkward about discussing fund my entirety life for any sort of business deal. If I could do it, I predict any one of you watching this can do it.

Superpower constitute!

I’m not kidding, predict. Some tips that I learned, when I had my agency, was to power pose before arbitrations. So there’s a great TED talk on this that we can link to down below. I do this before the majority of members of my large-scale speaking gigs, thanks to Mike Ramsey who told me to do this at SMX Advanced three years ago.

Go onward and strength pose. Feel good. Are certain. Amp yourself up.

Walk the gait

You’ve got to when it comes to some of these things and to just feel cozy in that space.

Good> perfect

Know that good is better than perfect. A plenty of us are perfectionists, and we just have to execute good. Trying to be perfect will kill us all.

Screw imposter illnes

Many of the speakers that I go on different conference tours with all struggle with this. It’s totally normal, but it’s good to acknowledge that it’s so silly. So to try to make that silly voice out of your front and start to feel good about the things that you are able to offer.

Go muse where you can find it

I highly hint you check out Brian Tracy’s old-school negotiation podcasts. He has some old-fashioned videos. They’re so good. But he talks about leverage all the time and has two really great precedents that I desire so much better. One being jade brokers. So these jade brokers that they are able to take out sections of jade and they would watch people’s reactions piece by piece that they brought out.

So they knew what article interested this person the most, and that would be the higher price. It was brilliant. Then the time restrictions is he has an example of people doing business deals in China. When they acre, the Chinese would greet them and say, “Oh, can I see your return flight ticket? I merely want to know when you’re leaving.”

They would not make a deal until that last second. The more you are aware of some of these leveraging tactics, the more you can be aware of them if they were to be used against you or if you were to leverage something like that. Super interesting stuff.

Take the time to get to know their business

Tie in ROI

Lastly, just really take the time to get to know someone’s business. It exactly had indicated that you help, and you’re able to prioritize what it is that you can deliver based on where they clear the most money off of such products or services that they volunteer. That is contributing to tie in the ROI of the things that you are eligible to accomplish.

Know the order of products/ works that meet them the most money

One real quick example was my previous fellowship. We worked with plastic surgeons, and we really worked hard to understand that funnel of how people decide to get any sort of elective procedure. It came down to two things.

It was before and after photos and price. So we knew that we could optimize for those two things and do very well in their seat. So showing that you care, disappearing the additional mile, sort of tying all of these things together, I actually hope this assistance. I look forward to the feedback down below. I know this was a little bit different Whiteboard Friday, but I thought it would be a recreation topic to cover.

So thank you so much for attaching me on this volume of Whiteboard Friday. I will see you all soon. Bye.

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