Getting engagement on Twitter can be tough.( There’s so much sound !) But these gratuities can assist you in expand your Twitter follower count and improve positive social interactions.

Used by luminaries, politicians, and purveyors alike, Twitter is the place to increase engagement and spread brand awareness. But, as with all the social media structures, competition is raging. Countless symbols struggle to build a Twitter following and grow their profile organically.

To help you, check out my best agency director hacks to grow your Twitter profile in 2020, and find out why fixing your recognize in the Twittersphere is as important as ever.

But first, why you need to grow your Twitter profile?

When fine-tuning your market strategy for the year onward, knowing the stats for 2020 is absolutely necessary. It’ll help you to allocate your budget and grow your Twitter profile .

Here’s the juicy nonsense for Twitter.

Twitter has 330 million monthly active useds and 134 million daily active users 500 million tweets are sent out per day. That’s over 5 per second. 80% of Twitter customers access the platform on a mobile device. 93% of Twitter video notions are on a mobile maneuver. 75% of B2B industries marketplace their products and services on Twitter. Titter consumers waste an average rate of 3.39 instants on the social scaffold per session. Quaver had 11. 7 million App Store downloads in Q1 2019( a year-on-year increase of 3.6% ). The best time to tweet for your business is during the lunch hour of 12 -1.( Workdays get the highest booking .) 40% of Twitter customers report making a purchase after interpret a commodity on Twitter. 63% of all Twitter consumers worldwide are between 35 and 65. Symbol meeting their KPIs are 3x more likely to have included Twitter in their start program, versus the 85% that aren’t meeting their KPIs.

So, Twitter is alive and kicking, but how are you able develop your Twitter profile without racking up an unsightly social media fund?

Let’s find out …

1. Be all-inclusive, transparent, and humanitarian

Some 50% of beings reflect labels can become more culturally related by being inclusive, according to a recent study by Twitter and IPG. That figure is increased to 60% among Twitter users.

The online study too discovered how 47% of Twitter customers prefer culturally relevant symbols, compared to 39% of the population at large in the United Mood. What’s more, a brand’s ethnic connection establishes up a full 25% of a consumer’s purchase decision, so hugging diversity and inclusion is an absolute must for 2020.

Deidre Smalls-Landau, world principal cross-cultural officer of IPG Mediabrands’ UM Worldwide unit, said 😛 TAGEND

“Brands simply can no longer sit on the sidelines while the most important cultural discussions is currently underway and reshaping the world we live in … Consumers want to know they are giving their coin to companies that share their values and are as passionate about social issues as they are. In short, labels that do good will likely do well.”

Takeaway for social media directors: Brand involvement in culture is particularly important for the Twitter population who are passionate and informed, and feel strongly about symbols aligning with culture. The Impact of Culture survey below highlights the importance of cultural relevancy and shows how this can be achieved with” devoting back to the community” being the most popular suggestion.

brands culturally relevant

Some examples of symbols get racial and inclusive market right on Twitter 😛 TAGEND

JP Morgan showcased the operational activities of the its Service Corps, which deploys surpass works across the world to assist with non-profit partners. This tickings numerous boxes, such as” passing back to the community ,” “being inclusive of a wide audience,” and” patronage social question .”

Nationwide gifted playthings and offerings to a neighbourhood charity arising in organic material, which was then authentically retweeted.

example of philanthropic brands

Top tips for symbols 😛 TAGEND

Don’t bragging or use boastful word. Stick to the facts and showcase your work without trying to seem superior. Stimulate the best possible use of organic material that showcases your label in a great light. Retweet and comment on relevant berths. Thrive your Twitter profile by committing and patronizing other inclusive, translucent, and philanthropic firebrands.

2. Maximize Twitter video content

If you want to grow your Twitter profile in 2020, look at what’s working.

First, tweets with hashtags do 100% more engagement, so don’t forget to use them in your berths. This is pretty obvious admonition to Twitter consumers, so let’s make things up a notch. People watch 2 billion videos on Twitter per day. That’s a 66% year-on-year growth in 2019, gist video has seen its place on the platform.

Watching video is also the# 3 intellect parties use Twitter with 32% of people saying they go to Twitter to watch video. Tweets with video come 10 x more date than those without, performing Twitter videos necessary for brands in 2020.

Here are some brands once coming video right on Twitter 😛 TAGEND

@Disney +

Twitter is the go-to platform for a produce launch as confirmed by Global Head of Twitter Next, Alex Josephson who said:” Over the process of being 2019, the dominant primary reasonablenes firebrands are using Twitter is when they are launching something better .”

Indeed, there has been a 27% year-over-year increase in brand-new make launches.

As the brand-new children on the streaming block, Disney+ utilized Twitter to its advantage by creating an extensive tweet yarn comprises of 600 tweets. Each tweet represented a show from the Disney+ umbrella and video played a huge role in the announcements gaining great interaction.

example of twitter follower growth


Live streaming is also a great way to garner attention and build interest around your brand.

On October 13, Fortnite purposely hurtled its own game and changed it with a black hole. A live river of the black hole was then posted on Twitter with all other previous tweets being hidden.

More than 12.8 million people tuned in to watch the live river promoting Fortnite Chapter 2. This distinct inclination certainly enlarged Twitter sheet engagement.

Top tips for brands 😛 TAGEND

Produce extraordinary content relevant to your brand. Think about your target audience and listen to feedback. If your content is on point, natural swelling of your report include the following. Restrain your tweets short. Videos with negligible tweet forgery versus longer tweet print have a 13% higher firebrand and message recall and overall view time. Reach the most of video website posters. These feed your viewers to taking any decision and deliver a 2x higher clickthrough charge. Be run. Encourage parties to follow and RT if they like what they heard.

Fun fact: These were the most discussed actors on Twitter in 2019. Did you tweet about any of these?

3. Incentivize participation

To get your brand seen and originate your Twitter profile in 2020, foster participation such as likes, retweets, and explains. One of the best ways to do this is by offering incentives.

For example, for every[ some] number of retweets, you could release an exclusive concoction or video footage. Or you could promise a special competition and prize should you reach over[ some quantity] followers. Remember, the deception is to enhance follows and so your call-to-action has to be direct.

A immense lesson of related interaction came from Popsicle.

After a tweet from Justin Bieber stating how he couldn’t find double-stick popsicles and affixing “this is crazy. @Popsicle we need those back, ” the symbol replied saying that if their sheet got 100,000 retweets by July 23, Popsicle would bring back the Double Pop.

Consumers met the goal. In fact, the results were breath-taking. The company had a 1,000% increase in mentions of the Double Pop between June and July and 99.9% positive sensibility around the conversation. They too get 140 given media placements.

Top tip for brands 😛 TAGEND

Have a strong call-to-action that’ll improve your emergence and involvement. Project with motivations. Organize your own labelled hashtag to determine your tweets easier to find. Employment visually striking imagery to garner interest. Never, ever leveraging charitable generate for retweets. The resistance will be swift and ugly!

4. Opt for micro-influencers

A micro-influencer on Twitter is someone with 2,000 to 50,000 follows. They typically have a niche market and concentrating on particular topics and interests. The ground countless brands work with micro over macro-influencers who have millions of followers is simple.

The induces generated from these influencer characters tend to be more targeted and relevant. So, if you’re trying to grow your Twitter profile, detecting an influencer who accords the ethos of your brand is key to gaining more adherents genuinely interested in whatever it is you do.

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Interestingly, 94% of consumers consider micro-influencers to be more knowledgeable than macro-influencers/ celebrities. That is in accordance with gatherings genuinely interested in what the micro-influencers have to say.

It’s unsurprising then that are to be 10 x more likely to follow the recommendations of a non-celebrity blogger than a personality, giving your Twitter profile a lift. We have been previously witnessed an influencer backlash in 2019 with Instagram patronized announce engagement declining from 4% to 2.4% in 2019.

A simple shout-out can flourish your Twitter profile, with almost 40% of Twitter users saying they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer. The sample below is from micro-influencer Danielle Bernstein of @WeWoreWhat, a micro-influencer in the pattern macrocosm, applying a shout-out to @Postmates .

Top tips for labels to find micro-influencers 😛 TAGEND

Contact any micro-influencers previously following your brand. They’ll have a genuine interest in the products and assistances you give and might want to collaborate with you. Identify the hashtags most is connected with your manufacture. Search poles with these hashtags and see if you can find anyone to represent your brand. Experiment transcend industry bloggers. These bloggers will often have social media histories and might be willing to work with you. Create Twitter shoutouts for your favorite micro-influencers and realise who answers. this will be a good show of who you can work with in the future and help you to grow your Twitter profile.

5. Reward engaged devotees using Agorapulse

If you’re looking to grow your Twitter profile in 2020, Agorapulse is your BFF.

Agorapulse allows you to listen to sentiment and monitor opponent activities on Twitter, so you’re never out of the loop. It allows you to see your top locked devotees on Twitter extremely. The below idol shown in the top engaged supporters for Contentworks Agency. It likewise highlights those who are your best brand representatives. It has literally done all the work for you. So, maybe you can reward your top fans each month with a concoction rebate or giveaway?

Top tips for firebrands to reward committed supporters using Agorapulse 😛 TAGEND

Monitor your top followers for each note and consider reinforcing them for their patriotism. Attract reports on your response times. Remember that 64% of consumers utilizing Twitter expect a response within an hour, so it’s fastest digit first. Delegate responses to different team members to ensure a slick booking business sit.

6. Embrace offline activities

As well as the above online gratuities, there are other things you can do offline to boost your Twitter growth 😛 TAGEND

Put your Twitter handle on business cards. This is a simple yet effective behavior to inspire online booking following a conference. Include your Twitter handle on all offline market fabrics including brochures, pamphlets, and other printouts. Get parties to follow you at the start of a meeting. If you’re speaking at an happening, why not make the most of this opportunity with a call-to-action? You could even encourage people to live tweet exploiting a specific hashtag. Incentivize customers to interact with you on Twitter by implant click to tweet relation in emails and blogs.

Growing your Twitter profile in 2020 is perfectly possible even if you haven’t been successful to date. Get ready to shake things up, got a few probabilities, and start monitoring your results. If it drives, amplify it. If it doesn’t, switching tactics.

Get started on saving age and vitality on your social media control! Check out our free experiment of Agorapulse to assist you schedule, track, and criterion all your social media exertions.

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