We at Agorapulse are all about concluding the effort lives of social media managers and digital bureaux less tumultuous and more fruitful. So, when our purchasers tell us how their workdays improved because of us, we have to share the story!

Read on to find out how Topic Design made the review team and their clients happier when the digital commerce enterprise began consuming Agorapulse.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Topic Design is a full-service marketing organization affording strategy, intend, content, and digital blooming. The unit at Topic” starts exchanges for a life and preserves people talking about them .”

alison meineke from topic designRecently, we talked with Alison Meineke, social media and material overseer at Topic.

Q: You were using Sprout Social for social media conduct. What cleared you start looking for a new implement?

There were many reasonableness we started looking for a brand-new social media management tool.

Sprout’s management tool was not user-friendly and shortcoming in ways that had us leaving the tool’s programme to go look at the native platforms.

An example of lacking tools was that much of their profile social inbox would preview very little content to read or look over, which started us have to click or find the source to see it in full. What should have make 15 minutes to review a client’s social words made an hour when their implements weren’t usable.

To add to that, we had the project that expenditure $99 for one user( one login ). To have more that one login, you had to pay an additional $ 99 per consumer. That additional costs was aggravating.

I ultimately realized that we were paying a ton for a tool that shortcoming fundamental boasts that other tools had-and that didn’t transgress the bank.

Q: How did you discover Agorapulse?

We acquired it by researching on Google for agency-friendly social pulpits with direct-to-Instagram publishing.

Q: What acquired you decide to go with Agorapulse?

We adoration that Agorapulse had all of the elements we were missing with our old-time implement 😛 TAGEND

Direct publishing to Instagram Multiple customer logins An approval system An breathtaking customer support team

Q: How has exerting Agorapulse helped you?

Although we pay more for Agorapulse’s agency-sized plan ($ 199/ month ), there is so much more bang for your buck than Sprout!

After trying the demo and starting a free contest, I find even more pieces, like clicking the “preview” button and being able to edit individual social charts when you need to change the wording for specific profiles.

The mixed schedule, affixing directly to Instagram feature, and a lustrou inbox administration are just a few of the great implements the government has that saves me 4-6+ hours of season a week.

Time at an agency is highly valuable and precious.

social media management tool for teams free trial

Q: In what other courses has Agorapulse modified the mode you do your work?

The assign and favor organisation has represented my unit and buyers happier and more efficient.

Many of us are working remotely and don’t ever get to see each other every day. So, the ability to edit poles or assign inbox sends to one another with commentaries, very, is incredibly helpful.

Before Agorapulse, we’d have to log off and allow the other person to log in if they needed to use the account. We’ve come a long way and no longer have to do that, which is great!

Q: What has it been like to work with Agorapulse?

I love how transparent and honest you are about letting us is common knowledge that aspects are coming and when, as well as informing us if something went wrong, more. Our account manager is very kind and knowledgeable.

Your internal customer support and improvement units are patient, category, fast, and easy to work with!

I’ve dealt with a handful of social media management tools, and all of which had made me skeptical and bleak over the years.

Working with Agorapulse, I feel like I’m working with an extension of my squad and I’m learning that not all social management tools are bad!


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