Experience marketing, too referred to as “experiential marketing, ” is a strategy that uses in-person episodes to promote products.

Take pop-up shops or Apple’s legendary theme, for example. Each of these events is know-how marketing at work. They are designed to allow promises to become acquainted with a commodity before acquiring it. A makeup or sneaker pop-up shop tells prospective consumers came to see you and look at the products that are typically only available online.

The goal of experience marketing is to create a really good consumer experience, increasing your customer value optimization. You crave every attendee to want to show the phenomenon on their Instagram story and Facebook profile and to become raving love of your brand.

How do you do that?

Examples of Experience Marketing

Example# 1: Annual Apple Keynote Events

Apple’s annual concoction secrete episode is designed to be a shareable know-how for their attendees.

Every attendee has access to the latest iPhone, iPad, and MacBook and gets to hold and use them as if they were in an Apple store. This generates an experience, its own experience of being able to handle the newest Apple produces before anyone else.

Example# 2: Friends Cafe

In NYC, there’s an accurate replication of the Friends Central Perk cafe. Follower can come and visit, sit on the atrocious orange couch, and( most importantly) take an Instagram photo to share with their friends.

This experience marketing allows

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